Brisbane has it all. It’s a modern, thriving city that stretches from Moreton Bay in the north, to the Gold Coast in the south.

Combining city, sun, beaches and stunning bushland, Brisbane is one of Australia’s strongest performing capital cities. Internal migration has fuelled further growth in the region, with CoreLogic reporting that Brisbane’s property market was the third fastest growing in the country for 2023.

As the city grows in popularity, councils continue releasing new land to meet the demand. The availability of land means building a home in Brisbane is a fantastic option for anyone who’s in the market for a new home.

In this article, we’ll answer the question “How much to build a house in Brisbane,” and look at some of the factors affecting the total cost of your project.

The Cost of Building a Home in Brisbane

It costs approximately $2,600 to $4,650 per square metre to build a new house in Brisbane. This excludes the cost of the land. For reference, the ABS reports that the average floor space of new builds in Greater Brisbane is 241m2

This translates to a total cost of between $626,600 to $1,120,650. These are nice round numbers, but the total cost of the project varies widely depending on the location, level of fit and finish, the size of the home and the addition of luxury features from home builders.

It’s worth noting that the cost of a new home build has increased in recent years. COVID-19 had a profound effect on the availability of materials and labour, which drove up builders’ costs. We expect to see materials shortages continue for several more years.

Building a new house is a major financial investment. However, building comes with a few cost advantages over buying an existing house. The major benefit is that you won’t pay stamp duty on the cost of the house itself.

In Queensland, stamp duty is only paid on the cost of the block of land when building a new house. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars compared to buying an existing home.

The Average Cost of Land in Brisbane

The average cost of land in Brisbane is $584,500 in 2023, according to The average across South East Queensland is a little lower at $346,000, which includes data from Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, Logan and Ipswich.

The Queensland Government has more information on the average cost of new residential land in Brisbane’s suburbs.

Land is one of the major expenses when building a new house. It’s possible to find builders that can construct a home for less than the estimated $626,000, but the cost of the land will still drive the price up.

Growth in Brisbane’s property market has made us one of the country’s most expensive places to buy. When compared to the markets in Sydney and Melbourne though, Brisbane remains affordable, which makes it a popular spot to live, work and build.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Your Project

The numbers we provided above are rough estimates. In truth, how much it costs to build a house in Brisbane varies widely. You could build a new home with very basic features for less, or you could spend more on a custom home that matches your lifestyle exactly.

While many small factors contribute to the cost of a new home build, the following items contribute significantly:

  • Location – Where you choose to build has a major impact on the cost of the project. Inner suburbs are generally more expensive, but semi-rural areas also come with supply and access challenges that may increase the total cost.
  • The layout of the block – Not all parcels of land are created equal. Your project will cost more if you purchase a block of land that needs complex earthworks, or a sloped block that requires a split-level house design.
  • Size of the home – The bigger the home, the more expensive it is. If you want extra bedrooms, ensuites to every room, and multiple living spaces, you should expect to pay more for your build.
  • One-storey vs two-storey floorplans – Two-storey homes require additional engineering and typically cost slightly more than one-storey floorplans.
  • Luxury inclusions – Upmarket materials, nice appliances and quality workmanship are a fantastic addition to your home. While these features cost more upfront, they can make a big difference to the look, feel and long-term maintenance requirements of your home.


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