Hampton Style Houses by McCarthy

Enjoy a lifestyle of effortless sophistication with a Hampton style home by McCarthy.

We focus on open-plan living and a blend of coastal materials. You can expect bright whites with splashes of blue, rich timber flooring and stone finishes. We build these features around an open floor plan that suits your lifestyle, so you have plenty of room to live, play and grow. Outside, we offer facade options you won’t find anywhere else. Lightweight cladding stone chimneys, round windows and gable rooflines tie it all together, transporting you to the beaches of the Hamptons.

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We design Hampton style homes that bring coastal elegance to the heart of Brisbane. McCarthy Homes takes great pride in crafting homes that are unique to your tastes and lifestyle, and we can support any vision. Contact us to build your dream Hampton style home, or start a conversation to find out more.

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Brisbane’s Hampton Style Homes Building Experts

Bring home a touch of coastal sophistication. McCarthy Homes offers a range of Hampton style homes, so we can create something that’s uniquely yours.

What is a Hampton style home?

Hampton style homes draw inspiration from an architectural style that is popular in The Hamptons, a coastal retreat in New York. The term refers to homes with bright, open interiors and sophisticated but restrained custom designs. Outside, Hampton style homes often feature lightweight siding, support columns, stone chimneys and blue and white paint schemes.

Is Hampton style still popular in the modern market?

Yes! Hampton style homes are very popular in South East Queensland. As a spot that enjoys plenty of hot weather and beach days, Hampton style homes are perfectly suited to the local climate.

These types of homes also hold their value very well. Hamptons styling is considered classic because it’s timeless – it looks as good now as it did 80 years ago when the style was pioneered.

What is modern Hamptons style?

The modern Hamptons style is a blend of traditional nautical themes, alongside contemporary colour palettes and design elements. Modern styles opt for high ceilings, pops of colour, opulent kitchens and natural materials that bring warmth to each space.

The basis for all modern Hampton style homes is effortless comfort. We aim to create a home that’s sophisticated but inviting, creating luxury spaces that are perfect for modern families.

What colours are Hamptons style?

Hampton style homes often feature whitewashed walls with pops of blue for colour. While blue and white is the iconic colour scheme, Hampton style homes can also feature neutral colour palettes, greens, blue-greens, yellow and pastels. 

Pastel colours add detail without detracting from the restrained styling that Hampton homes are famous for.

What is Hamptons vs coastal style?

Hamptons and coastal style homes feature similar elements. Hampton style homes are open and opulent, with a focus on open-plan living and luxury details. On the other hand, coastal homes tend to be smaller, with a more lived-in feeling.

Furniture and decor are a major part of the difference between Hampton and coastal style homes. Coastal homes tend to feature more eclectic decoration – imagine stepping into the home of someone who has spent their life collecting from local artisans.

Hampton style homes are inviting, but their decor and furnishing is generally more cohesive. This creates a sense of luxury without compromising on liveability.

Where did Hampton style homes originate from?

Hampton style homes originated from The Hamptons – a beachside region in the northeast of New York. The Hamptons is a popular seaside retreat, and it continues to be a favourite spot for America’s wealthy.

As a wealthy region, The Hamptons features a unique style that was created for the local climate. Most Hampton homes are two storey and open plan, with large balconies and living areas that capture sea breezes and allow residents to soak up the sun.

Do we offer home inclusions with our Hampton design builds?

Yes! McCarthy’s Hampton style home builds feature the same inclusions packages as our other projects. Our Sandstone, Granite and Quartz inclusions packages make it easy to design a home that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

When you build with McCarthy Homes, we’ll book you in for an appointment at our Selections Centre. The Selections Centre is a showcase of all the appliances, fittings and finishes we offer, and our team can help you choose the perfect design elements for a Hampton style home.