Where dream homes begin.

A strong foundation is the most important part of any new venture. It’s the beginning of something incredible: a project; a story; a home. It provides us with the ingredients we need to fulfil our dreams. Our Sandstone Collection is focused on exactly this – giving you everything you need, and nothing you don’t, so the result is a perfectly curated foundation on which life can be effortlessly lived.

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For wherever life takes you.

From coffee-fuelled school drop-offs to heartwarming family dinners, your home is there by your side. It’s always ready to welcome you back, no matter where life takes you. Your home works hard every day, which is why we designed our Granite Collection. It provides stunning and functional inclusions that enhance your home in all the right places – so you can get back to what’s most important.

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A home as unique as you.

There’s no greater pleasure than to simply sit back, surrounded by friends and family, and enjoy the life you’ve created. When you have a home that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle, the rest simply falls into place – that’s why we created the Quartz Collection. With an extensive list of premium inclusions, you can design a knock down rebuild or custom home that truly complements your way of life. After all, you’re completely unique – so your home should be, too.

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Trusted expertise

McCarthy Homes is your trusted home builder in Brisbane. During our time in business, we have built a team comprised of some of the most experienced people in Australia. The immense collective experience and proven background contained within the McCarthy Homes team is something we’re incredibly proud of. It is this trusted exercise that allows us to design and build homes that you will truly love. This expertise extends to our home inclusions collections, where we dedicate all of our experience, lessons learned and desire to produce quality work into three inclusions collections that exemplify the McCarthy Homes brand.

In-house design

Our inclusions collections are all designed internally by our expert design and selections team. These are the same designers that work on our custom home designs, so you can rest assured that our inclusions collections are perfectly designed to accentuate the interior of your new home. The huge benefit of utilising an internal design team lies in the consistency of design. From the very foundations of the home itself, to the eaves and the benchtops, your entire home and inclusions collection are designed to work seamlessly to reinforce the luxurious comfort of your new home.

Clear, upfront communication

At McCarthy Homes, we are strong proponents of transparency and honesty. When you build a house with McCarthy Homes, and purchase one of our inclusions collections, you can rest assured that you will be made fully aware of what you’re getting from your investment. If you have any questions at all about anything related to your home inclusions package, we are more than happy to help guide you through it and understand exactly what you are receiving. This value of ours extends to every aspect of our relationship with you. You will always be provided with the knowledge and information you need to make informed choices and understand the entire process of building your custom home with McCarthy Homes

Understanding and care

Every single home that we build is built as though it was our own. We invest ourselves into every home builder’s journey and work to ensure that we are a partner, not just a builder. We understand that you’re going through a momentous process – building your dream home. We will guide you through the journey and be here for every question and concern you may have. Your experience is of the utmost importance to us.


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