Knock Down Rebuilds in Brisbane & QLD

Love your location, but outgrown your house? Found the perfect block of land with an existing building, but dreaming of a new home?

We’ll breathe new life into your block with a brand new custom-designed home.

McCarthy Homes are knock down rebuild experts. If you’re ready to bring your property dreams to life, start a conversation with McCarthy Homes today.

A knock down rebuild can transform an old block into the home you’ve been dreaming about. Choosing to demolish raises the value of the property, saves on stamp duty and avoids the expenses that come with moving. It also allows you to build a custom home that’s perfectly suited to your family, block and lifestyle.

Whether you’re buying an outdated property or living in a home that no longer suits your family, McCarthy Homes can help with your home building. We offer knock down rebuild Brisbane wide that can turn an outdated house into your ideal home, all without having to move an inch.

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Why knock down & rebuild?

As your family grows and lifestyle changes, your existing home may not offer everything you want. But if you already love where you live then there’s no need to move – a knock down rebuild means you can stay right where you are.

Rebuilding on your own land allows you to stay within easy reach of friends, family, work and your favourite amenities. A rebuild also offers far more flexibility than a renovation, so you can turn an outdated house into a modern custom build masterpiece.

If you’re happy right where you are, a knock down rebuild can deliver an abundance of lifestyle, comfort and convenience:

  • Remain in the location you love
  • Kids can stay at their current schools
  • You’re close to the local amenities you value
  • Avoid agent fees, stamp duty and other moving expenses
  • Increase your property value
  • Better energy efficiency and lower power bills

Offering knock down rebuilds across Brisbane & QLD

Talk to us today about your knock down rebuild project in Brisbane. You can contact us on (07) 3326 6600 or submit an enquiry online now to find out how McCarthy Homes can help you!

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Offering knock down rebuilds across Brisbane & QLD.

Talk to us today about your knockdown rebuild home. You can contact us on (07) 3326 6600 or submit an enquiry online now to find out how McCarthy Homes can help you!

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Quartz Premier Package

Offer Includes:
Over $50,000 FREE inclusions*

  • 14.9kW Air-Conditioning
  • Heat Pump
  • 6.6kW Solar
  • Double drawer dishwasher
  • Soft close drawers to kitchen
  • Laundry appliances pack
  • $10k Electrical voucher

*Terms & conditions apply



What is a knock down rebuild?

A knock down rebuild is a type of new home construction that involves demolishing an existing house to rebuild a new one in its place. Knock down rebuilds are an affordable alternative to major renovations or purchasing vacant land for your project.

How much does it cost to demolish a home in Brisbane?

It typically costs between $15,000 and $30,000 to demolish a home in Brisbane. This cost includes things like planning fees, waste removal and the demolition of features like driveways and concrete slabs.

Demolition fees are the only major additional cost that comes with a knock down rebuild when compared to a new build. The cost of the demolition is offset by the money you save on stamp duty, agent’s fees and the other expenses that come with moving to a new property.

How long does it take to demolish a house?

It only takes 1-2 days to demolish a house, depending on the size of the property and whether the demolition company needs to deal with issues like asbestos. The full demolition process takes approximately 2 months. That time is used to plan the project, obtain council approval, demolish the house and clear away the unwanted materials.

How long does a knock down rebuild take?

A complete knock down rebuild takes approximately 8-12 months from start to finish, depending on your demolition contractor. This process takes slightly longer than building on a vacant block of land because of the extra time required for demolition. The time it takes to complete your project depends on the layout of the new home, custom features you want, council approvals and whether any challenges along the way.

Is it better to renovate or knock down and rebuild?

A knock down rebuild is typically the better option if you are considering major home renovations. Rebuilding your home gives you complete freedom to design a property that’s perfect for your lifestyle. It also adds value to the home, improves energy efficiency and comes with less financial risk than a renovation or extension.

If you’re only planning minor changes or a small extension, renovation may be the better option for you.

Who organises demolition for a knock down rebuild?

You are responsible for organising demolition during a knock down rebuild project. This gives you the freedom to compare quotes and choose a demolition contractor that’s available when you need them.